Peter Roller



Born 7 July 1948 in Bratislava to the family of
photographer Ladislav Roller and Marta née Čaplová,
as the second of three sons (Ladislav, Peter, Anton).
His father was concerned with photojournalism and art photography.
1954 – 1963 Attended primary school and developed an early interest in art.
1963 – 1967 Studied at the School fo Applied Arts in
Bratislava. Began working fort he Exhebition Centre oft
he Fund for Visual Arts. Involved in creative work.
Created some of his principal sign.
1969 Began studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in
Bratislava in the Studio of Prof. Jozef Kostka.
Completed the foundation course with Assoc. Prof. Alexander Trizuljak.
1971 – 1975 First objects in natural surroundings;
constructions from twig and ropes. Made reliefs in
sand, painted objekts, and wrote poems on leaves.
1973 Married Magdaléna Ihriská; went to Paris on a study trip in her company.
1975 Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts;
conscriped an went to Martin to serve in the army for one year.
1976 Remained a freelance artist engaged in creative work. First participations in exhibitions.
1979 First invitation on the international symposium. Particiated in more than 40 symposia
(f.e. 1982/84/85/86/88/91/93/99 Lindabrunn, NÖ).
1992 Began teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.
1996 Associate Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts.
2006 Launched the Pentogram Projekt
Prizes and Awards, numerous exhibiton and
He lives and works in Bratislava.