Ondrej Zimka



He was born on 28. 8. 1975 in Bratislava to artistic
family of father Ondrej Zimka Sr., famous painter and
his mother, famous actress Milka Zimková, as the
fourth Ondrej in the order of Zimka generation.
He developed his inherited talent at Secondary
Industrial art school in Bratislava, where he graduated
in the Department of Stone Sculpture in 1993.
He continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts
in the atelier of Prof. Jozef Jankovič.
He was influenced in his work also by a sculptor
Andrej Rudavský. In 1997 he completed internship at
University in Newcastle. Since 1999 he cooperates
with Martin Pala and Stano Kič in the joint atelier
(Tri kamene) The three stones. Author works often
with material of bronze and stone.
He actively participates in collective exhibitions and
symposiums. He has creative stay in Cité in Paris and
exhibited in many joint exhibitions at home and
abroad. He exhibited together with his father and
sister in the Gallery of Ján Koniarek in Trnava and had
first major solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern
Art-Danubiana in Bratislava in 2005.