Jozef Jankovič



Born 8 November 1937 in Bratislava, is the leading personality of modern Slovak sculpture.
His work, regarded as an important contribution to modern Slovak art, has been widely recognised not
only in Slovakia or the former Czechoslovakia, but also in Central and West Europe.
Studied 1952 – 1956 at the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (1956 – 1962) where he studies under Prof. Jozef Kostka, he made his debut with his early non-figurative work. At the turn oft he 1960s he was linked with Confrontations, an informal association of artists and was  particularly concerned with structural graphics, relief and sculpture. At that time he began integrating the readymade into his work and was preoccupied with the aspectsof assemblage (Prison, series, 1963 – 1965).
From the beginning to he present time, it seems that Jonkovič`s oeuvre and his own fate have been
outlinded by the paradoxes and shadows of a dramatic life, reflecting the path Slovak society went through in the  past decades.
Before the mid-1960s, his renewed interest in the human form (a characteristic `swollen`motif of upper and lower limbs) appeared in shapes manifesting alienation and deformation. 1984 visiting professor at Hochschule für  angewandte Kunst, Vienna; 1990 – 1994 chancellor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava. LIves and work in Bratislava.
Symposia, Scholarships, Artist in Residence / Symposiums, Bourses (f.e.1967 Künstlerhaus grant, Vienna, 1985 Symposium Lindabrunn); numerous exhibition and exhibition-participations, prizes and awards since  1967 (f.e. 1983 Herder Prize, Vienna).