Róza El-Hassan



1966 born in Budapest, of Hungarian and Syrian
Origins, lives in Vienna and Budapest
Solo Exhibitions
2000 Roza El-Hassan, Drawings, Drawing
Center, New York R. thinking/dreaming
about overpopulation, ETH,
Eidgenoess.Techn. Hochschule, Zürich
R. thinking/dreaming about overpopulation,
Galerie Barbara Claassen-Schmal, Bremen
2000 Objekte, Secession, Wien
1999 Image Engine Project room, Ludwig
Museum Budapest – Museum of Contemporary Art
Image Engine, Knoll Galeria Budapest
Extra-Territoria (no. 1), in cooperation
with Milica Tomic, Cafe Karmin, Belgrade
C ooperations, Independent Projects
2001 Leseraum, curatorial project , Secession,
Wien, (Luchezar Boyadjiev (BG),
Milica Tomic (Yu) and Beate Weszely
(HU,GB) (cat.)
2002 Roza‘s money with Suzanne Treister and
Simon Barney, Budapest-Sydney
2001 – 03 KMKK Attention Recycling- Budapest,
with Dora Hegyi, Janos Sugar, Emese Süvecz.
2001 – 03 R. thinking/dreaming about overpopulation,
actions on Red Cross Territories,
Belgrade, Budapest, Zürich