Andrea Pertoldeo



Andrea Pertoldeo (Udine, Italy, 1971) is photographer
and adjunct professor of photography at Università
IUAV di Venezia, where he is also in charge of the
Photography Laboratory of the Design and Arts
Faculty. For many years he has been teaching
assistant of Guido Guidi at the Design and Arts Faculty.
He took part to several exhibitions and research
projects on contemporary landscape, such as:
Campagna Romana, 2006 (edited by Stalker –
Osservatorio Nomade); Città latenti, un progetto per
l’Italia abusiva, 2007 (edited by Federico Zanfi);
Ereditare il paesaggio, 2008 (edited by Giovanna
Calvenzi and Maddalena D’Alfonso); La periferia
interiore, 2009 (edited by Antonello Frongia and Paola
Pellegrini), Paesaggi mobili, 2010 (edited by Antonello
Frongia for “La città complessa”).
He published his photos in many international
magazines: Domus, Casabella, The Plan, AIT, Goya,
Territorio, Arabian Design, Compasses.